There are several different ways to use up your maze, but we only use one method: Pop Corn Maze

It is fairly simple to do. Some people pop it while it is still on the cob, but it works much easier and you get more pops if you remove it from the cob first.

Using Up Your Decorative Maze (Indian Corn)

Removing it can be somewhat difficult. I found that twisting the cob while applying pressure works well. Each cob will require a different technique and some are far more stubborn than others.

Here is my kernels after adding it to the rest of our pop corn

Using Up Your Decorative Maze (Indian Corn)

Then to pop it; simply pup it into a brown paper bag and close the end and pop like usual. Another option is a microwave safe dish with an air-tight lid and pop as usual. (this is my method) If you have left over un-popped kernels simply re-pop them.