Here is another one I feel in love with that I found from: One Good Thing By Jillee

Un-shrinking your clothes. This one seems so “OH-MY” why didn’t I think of that. As we all have learned over the years, wet laundry stretches…. So it is only simple to know this should be on the back of everyone’s mind when we shrink clothing. We have all had that one item we hung wrong while it was wet and it morphed into something it was not supposed to, and it was hard to get it back to it’s original form.

Well today you will learn how to “morph” the shrunken clothes back into their original state.

Un-Shrink your Clothes

What you need to get the job done:

Sink full of Lukewarm water

1 Cap full Baby shampoo

2 Large beach towels

Add water and soap to the sink. Soak cloths and gently work it through. This will relax the fibers.

Remove cloths and gently squeeze out the water. – NO RINSE

Lay 1 towel out flat and lay the cloth on the towel.

Roll the towel up with the clothes inside. (This is to absorb a little more water)

Remove cloths and place them on the 2nd towels the same way as before.

Gently start stretching the material as it lays out to dry. (Turning a fan on will help this process) Continue to do this until the clothing returns to its proper size/length.

Allow clothing to air dry. (Using a fan will help speed up the process)