I started this a many years ago when we used dryer sheets regularly  I wanted to see if it would still work using 1.2 of one instead of a full one. It DID!

We went a few years with out any because of allergies and cloth diapers,  until I started making my own and our youngest was potty trained. I also came upon some dryer sheets from another company that has natural fragrance free dryer sheets that work with my daughters skin. It also helps that we no longer use cloth diapers.

I cut mine into 3 separate sheets because we have a smaller dryer. You can make them any size you want but for standard size dryers I found 1/2 works better.

Save Money On Dryer Sheets ~ Cut Them in Half!

Another bonus is that they will last 2x as long, or in my case 3x.

Here is a picture of one of mine. As you can see itSave Money On Dryer Sheets ~ Cut Them in Half! is cut into 3 equal parts. I only thought about blogging this after I had already cut all of them.  1 box of 80 will now last me 240 loads!!!

This is HUGE for the savings budget.

Simply throw one of your smaller 1/2’s into the dryer and see for yourself how well it works.