Remain calm.

Never panic if you get the quick.

If your cat is a biter, protect yourself and use someone’s help or take them to a professional for clipping.

Use Kwik Stop or Corn Starch if you clip the quick.

Clipping your cat’s nails prevents the need for declawing which is actually removing the whole nail and the first bone in each toe. I am not against declawing. Each person has their preference, but I prefer to just trim and cap my cat’s nails instead.

Cats have nails that grow faster than dog’s nails and should be clipped every few weeks, or as you notice clippings are needed. If this is too much work for you, there are other alternatives by purchasing the cat claw nail clips. These can be purchased here:

These are safe, natural, biodegradable, and digestible and will stay on their nails for several weeks. I use them on both my cats and my dogs. In fact I need to order some more.