I needed help removing carpet stains and after some looking around, I came across this from Jillee on her blog, One Good Thing By Jillee.

I had a hard time believing this would actually work and decided to give it a try on the stains that were in the carpet for more then a 1 1/2 years. Our carpet is a light cream color and shows every stain. The stain itself was a dark purple, so you can believe that is was very noticeable. No matter what I used, the stain stuck like super glue to the fibers of the carpet.


Here are my before and After pics….

Removing Carpet Stains


Removing Carpet Stains

CRAZY, I know! But the stain is 100% GONE!!

This is a solution you have to see to believe so do not waist time; get out there and try it.

Ingredients for Removing Carpet Stains:

  • 1 Part Ammonia
  • 1 Part Hot water
  • Hot cloths iron (highest setting)
  • Floor Fan
  • Old wash clothes

Mix ammonia and hot water into a water bottle.

Spray onto the stain. Place a cloth over the stain (use white cloths at first to see it working)
Place Iron on the cloth over the wet stain and you will see the stain start to remove itself. (Be careful not to burn your carpet – Move the iron often)

This is an all blue cleaning rag made out of one of my son’s old shirts. There was ZERO stains on it before I started. You can actually see the stain being lifted into the rags.

* I recommend a fan and ventilation because the ammonia can get really strong and it also takes several applications to get some of the worse, deep stains out. I drench the spot as well.

This is one recipe you will actually be in shock once you see it work….. Trust Me.

** I also read on another blog that White Distilled Vinegar works well to. I will have to try that the next time, but for now I am completely sold on the Ammonia and water trick even tho I dislike ammonia.

Removing Carpet Stains

Here is my pile of rags that I used. This is how many it took to remove the stain. This is not a fast fix recipe and I am not going to lie, I wanted to give up 1/2 ways through because I was tired of working on the stain. I honestly thought I was not going to see the whole stain be removed because my patience with it was low. For the sake of this post I stuck with it and you can see the results. I am so glad I stuck it out. Now I show off the spot to my friends and they are completely amazed.



The before and after again:

Removing Carpet Stains