Do you have those endless supplies of socks with no partners, or the socks full of holes…. WHY WON’T IT END!!!!!!

Well if your family is like mine, this trick will come in handy.All I do is tie a knot into the old socks that are deemed, “Trash-worthy” and re-use them for all of these great cleaning ideas:

Dry Erase Board “Eraser” 

Cleaning Rags

Dryer Balls

Fabric Softener Sheets (Dip into Fabric Softener – squeeze out excess – throw in the dryer with clothes)

Dish Cloths


Cat Nip Sacks (Fill with catnip and tie shut with a double know)Re-use Old "Hole-Filled", Un-Matched Socks

All I do is tie the sock into a knot at one end (usually the opening) so when they make it into the washer, others folding the laundry know not to try and match them with any other socks.

Re-use Old "Hole-Filled", Un-Matched SocksFor ankle socks I cut a slit on to opposite sides of the sock so I can tie a knot just like you would with a string.Re-use Old "Hole-Filled", Un-Matched Socks