My kids have always been kind-of lazy in the picking up department. This is generally a common problem among households so I figured I would share one of my secret weapons.

Pick Up Your Toys ~ Or……..

The Uh-Oh chores!

This has changed the dynamics of cleaning in my house and I am so excited to be sharing this with you. I cannot take credit for thinking of this all on my own. This summer while on vacation I was doing my daily Facebook surfing and noticed a friend of mine had shared a picture from someone else using this same method, and that is when the light bulb went off: I can do this too!

I no longer have to get upset or yell whenever my children leave an item of theirs lying on the floor.  I actually smile a little because now I get something in return: A cleaner house. I sometimes look forward to the occasional toy or sock left on the floor after the daily clean up.

I usually give my kids a, “Let’s get the house cleaned up” speech before I start grabbing things on the floor. After the cleaning is finished, that is when I start to gather their left over items off the floor.

Now, after several weeks of doing this, I almost never find anything left over on the floor, or under their beds and dressers. This one simple change to my cleaning list, changed the way my kids pickup their messes, as well as how organized my house stays between cleanings.

Happy cleaning!

*As you can see, you do not have to be super fancy with the design. Some people use totes, others book bags. Use what you want and what you have on hand. You do not have to purchase anything to make this work.