Ear Wax – Place in the ear – wait a few minutes and tilt your head to drain. If it bubbles you may have an infection

Foot fungus – 50/50 with water and mix in a spray bottle. Spray on your feet nightly

Spray down your shower to kill icky stuff.

Kill fungus in aquariums – won’t kill the fish – use sparingly

Add to rinse cycle when washing shower curtains

Peroxide Uses ~ Just a few ~

Musty towels – ½ Cup peroxide ½ Cup vinegar – let stand on towels for 15 minutes.

1 Pint to a gallon of water to clean humidifiers.

Yellowing Lace – fill sink with cold water and add 2 Cups peroxide – soak for 1 hour. Rinse with Cold water.

Fruits and Veggies – ¼ cup to full sink of cold water – removes dirt and pesticides – rinse after

Dishes – add to dish water to sanitize

Mouthwash – 50/50 with water

Toothpaste – baking soda/peroxide

Teeth whitening – Baking soda/peroxide and salt – brush teeth with it.

Toothbrush – soak between brushings

Cutting Boards  and counters – let bubble on the surface a few minutes and wipe away.

Fridge – Non-toxic way to clean your fridge

Baked on dishes – Make a paste and rub on – scrub off with a scrub brush

Tile Grout

Cleaning toilet – ½ Cup peroxide and let it sit for 20 minutes. Scrub clean

Great alternative to bleach

Pretreat Stains – removes blood from cloths without bleaching

Brighten Floors – ½ Cup/gallon of water – mop – no rinse

Clean Toys – non lung irritant – clean anything

Plant Fungus – Add a little to spray bottle and spray on the plants

Highlight your hair

½ bottle to bath water to detox while it cleans the tub

½ Cup water with 1 Tbls. Peroxide and spray on salads, drain and refrigerate. – Prevents wilting

Sanitize lunch boxes

Dab on blemishes

32 parts water to 1 part peroxide improves plant roots.

Blood – Removes blood from clothes without bleac