Making a Snowman as a home school project!

It is hard to make a snow man with snow that contains little-to-no moisture. As I tried to make a snow ball all I would get was a powdery disappointment.

So a friend of mine and I decided to try and use water bottles to put moisture back into the snow. BRILLIANT, it worked!

Here are some of the pictures of the process of us Making a Snowman

Making a SnowmanSpray Bottle full of water and powdery snow.

Making a SnowmanThe rock before I sprayed it with water.

Making a SnowmanThe rock after it is finally wet enough to start layering the snow onto it.

You can see how it is slightly more wet, the actual visual was much wetter. Cameras do not always capture things the way they should.

Making a SnowmanNow spray snow with the water and form a ball and stick it to the wet spot (my spot was the wet rock)

Continue to repeat this step, spraying snow and sticking more snow to it. Once you have a great base down you can spray the actual location and press snow onto it. continually do this until you have a complete snow man.

Making a SnowmanHere is the back view of our snow man on the rock. See how bumpy it is. Now we are going to smooth it out so the surface looks even and well rounded.

Making a SnowmanUse your hand to rub across the surface slightly scrubbing off a little layer of snow to make the surface even everywhere on the snow man.

Making a SnowmanAfter smoothing out the snow man.

Now add your face, arms, hat or other accessories!

Making a SnowmanWe are almost finished

Making a SnowmanThe finished Snow man – Ok – more like Snow woman – Since we dyed her pink.

To dye your snowman, simply add food coloring to the water bottle once you are finished building him/her and spray the surface completely. We added about 50-70 drops to each spray bottle for each color.

In the picture our snow woman is a pale pink, reality, she is a vibrant bright pink. Cameras like to lie sometimes.

We used string, sticks, chalk, (fishing bobber), rocks (eyes and nose), Blue chalk (lips), and rocks to line the pond.