Do your kid’s always tell you, “I do not know where “it” belongs?”

Well here is a solution for you. The kids can no longer tell me they do not know where something is supposed to be placed.

I took pictures after cleaning up an area and printed them and then placed the pictures beside the area in which the items belong.  Now when I hear that small little sentence creeping up, I simply reply, “Where does the picture show you “it” belongs?”

Here are just a few pictures:

Kids + House = "Where" Does 'This' Belong?

It is kind-of hard to see the picture that is above the printer. But if you can see the pictures, it is the exact same as the picture you are looking at. Now my kids know exactly where everything goes in this room.

Kids + House = "Where" Does 'This' Belong?

Once again, not the easiest to see, but it gives you the idea. This project takes a little longer than my traditional posts simply because you must:

1) clean the area first

2) take the picture

3) print the picture

4) post the picture in a safe area near the final location.

I hope this works as well for you as it is for me. 🙂