This may sound a bit messy but it works!

Home Made Infection Cure – Bread and Milk

When I was a kid, I was always getting some type of cut, scrape or other injury that inevitably got infected.  I didn’t think much of them until the injury hurt so much I couldn’t ignore it or touch it anymore.  That was when the plea for “MOM!” came.  She would scold me for letting it get that bad, how infections could kill me, that it was going to scar (and I am hodge podge of scars) and that I should have grabbed the bread and milk.

The what?  The bread and milk? Infection Cure?

Infection CureShe wasn’t opposed to modern medical science, but when it came to infected wounds and really bad sun burns, she would grab the bread and milk as the initial wave of first aid.  The concept basically worked like this:

  • Take white bread (I suppose wheat might work, but we didn’t eat it, so she didn’t buy it) and let it dry out as much as you can on the counter.
  •  When the bread was nice and dry, soak it in whole milk (whole milk works the best she would always say) and then lay it on the wound and wrap it in cellophane wrap.
  • The concoction would heat up as it drew out the infection and after a bit, you discarded the whole mess.
  • If the wound was still bad, you rinsed and repeated.  Simple as that.

Flash forward ten or so years when I am living on my own, acting dumb and took a nasty scrape about the size of football to my leg.  I wasn’t cut deep but took layers of skin off and embedded some nice rocks (it was a kickball league and my ‘sliding into base skills’ are horrible).  I, being young and dumb, didn’t take care of it right away because we were in the middle of game.  When I finally got home hours later, it was bad and two bottles of peroxide later didn’t seem to help much.  I hobbled around for a few days, hoping it would heal and it only got worse.  Then, when I could no longer put pressure on the leg, a little voice sprung up in the back of my head … “bread and milk” … so I used the poultice for a few days until my doctor appointment where I was quickly diagnosed with blood infection and got a similar lecture from the doctor that my mother used to give.  To this day, I am convinced the nasty mixture of bread and milk pulled enough infection out to save my life and buy me time till I was able to go to the doctor.

… and why didn’t I go to the ER?  Please refer back to the “young and dumb” part of the story!

So the next time you have a NON-life threatening topical infection, try putting some good old fashion bread and milk and let it do it’s thing.