When a wife and husband are part of MLM companies, esp, It Works – there can be the sense that they are independent distributors doing their “own thing” and only sharing some resources here and there.  This is a great post by Lisa Fuller, an Ambassador Diamond Leader with It Works Global.  Thank you Lisa!

Thursday’s tip of the day! So what exactly is a man’s place in this business? Is it just as easy? Are there different rules? Here are some tips for all your men distributors and husbands trying tio find their place!

The way a person looks at something is 99% reality! If a man comes into the business with the mindset that this is a woman’s business he’s gonna have trouble. Get the chip off your shoulder first of all! Last time I checked men and woman want to look better! Men and woman hate aging! Men and woman eat fatty foods, they both work out, the both get stressed, they both don’t eat healthy enough, they both have pain, they both have trouble sleeping, they both have problem areas, I could go on and on! If that didn’t get your mind right think about this! 95% of gynecologists, plastic surgeons, botox and breast enhancements, personal trainers, are all men! So how is selling IT WORKS any different? It’s not! Just a mindset!

Now if you are a couple trying to work the business there are several ways to make it work! The trick to working this together is finding what your BOTH good at and utilizing eachothers strengths! For instance Barry takes people over after I get them to ruby. He helps them chart and gives great ideas on how to get out there and build. He is the numbers guy. He is very patient with people and he loves one on one phone conversations and helping others grow! While I am the closer. I get people signed up, launch them , and help them follow the three steps! I build the beginning relationship and once Barry takes over at ruby I don’t get them back until diamond and then I train them to be a leader and Barry teaches them charting and back office. Our business is truly 50/50! He doesn’t try to do my part and I don’t try doing his! When we have in the past let’s just say it didn’t go over well..lol.

Now if your hubby isn’t really working the business but he wants to start doing something they’re are several things he can do to help. For instance: 1) come along to wrap parties or team functions that you know other Men will be attending. 2) help out with three way calls if someone wants to hear a man. 3) have him carry blitz cards when he goes places and hand them to waitress or people that check him out at stores by saying “would it be okay if I give you one of these coupons for my wife’s business? She will kill me if I come home and I didn’t get rid of any today!” Set a goal for him each week with how many cards you challenge him to hand out! 4) make sure you give him a couple open dates I’m his head that you have that month and set him a goal to fill them for you with an appointment or party. That way when he is out and someone shows interest he can say “my wife said she has the 15th open if you want tio schedule a party!” 5) make him wear a t shirt! Wear it to the gym or when he is out and about alone and especially when he is with you because if your booth wearing a shirt people will be more inclined to ask!

Now if you are a man reading this right now I want you to listen very closely! SUPPORT YOUR WIFE! Every single man in this business who’s wife is now the main income earner say the same exact thing “I wish I would have been more supportive in the beginning!” That doesn’t have to be your words! This business is no joke and we are retiring atleast one couple a month on our team! If you want that to be you and your wife/partner/girlfriend do whatever you can to help get this going! Pick up those extra house and kid duties so that she can go do parties and appointments! Ask her what she needs and where you can pick up the slack! Without you this entire thing wouldn’t be possible! Swallow that man pride and realize this is going to be the business that changes both of your lives.

Ladies, if you are having trouble with your man I highly suggest you get them to a corporate function! I know it it’s huge when Barry and I go to dinner with a distributor and their unsupportive hubby! Once they meet us and see we are just regular people and Barry is a man’s man and once they see where we are in the business it usually changed the man’s perspective!

In the end a man’s role in this business is just as important as the woman out in the field. Coming together as a couple will take you to success so much quicker! If your a single man I always say you’ve been looking for woman your entire life now you just have to find a couple that are going to make you rich…lol!!! Hope this tip have you guys a couple ideas!!

HAPPY Thursday everyone!