So simple and the kids love to help with this recipe.

I found two different sites that make this and I will never buy chalk again.

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk


Toilet paper, paper towel tube, ice cube trays, or any mold              


Duct tape                                                                                            

Wax paper

Small bucket or disposable container to make the recipe                     

¾ cup of warm water

1 ½ cups Plaster of Paris                                                                   

2-3 tablespoons of tempera paint

Paper bag or a “mess mat”  (to mix on top of for easy clean up)

In a large bowl, mix the water and plaster of Paris together.

Add the powdered tempera paint to the mixture.

Once the paint has been mixed in well, set it aside for a few minutes.

Pour the mixture into the mold and let it dry. This can take anywhere from several hours to a day (or maybe longer), depending on the size of the mold. Remember: The bigger the mold, the longer it will take to dry. (if you are using paper rolls, make sure you line the inside with wax paper for easy removal and it will take about 3 days to dry)

Once the mold is dry, remove the chalk. If the chalk is still moist, let it air dry for another 24 hours

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk