*UPDATE!! These work great, but now that they have sat for a while the inside is rusted slightly and when I was using one the other day, it did what it needed to, but with an orange, rust colored soapy mess. I will not be making them again, but if you are still interested in figuring this out, I would love to hear how you make yours. 

Homemade "s.o.s" Soapy PadsI went on a hunt to see if I could make these little soapy scrubbing pads myself since I make everything else from home, might as well, right?

Well, much to my amazement  I could not find a single recipe at all for these. I have no clue why, they were super easy to make and extremely cheap. Maybe it is because they are so cheap and you get a box full for just a few small dollars. I almost never use an actual S.O.S pad and 1 box can last me 2 years or longer. So maybe that is why there is no recipe for them, maybe I am not the only one who can get by with a box for so long.

I decided to make them just for the sake of seeing if it was even possible. I also wanted to see if it was worth any effort it may take.

In my opinion, the recipe will be great for my family because I can make 2 at a time and once I cut them in half at the end, 4. These 4 pads will probably last me months. So for my family, this will come in handy beings I will never need to hold onto  large box.


  • 1 Tbsp  Baking soda                                          
  • 1-2 Tbsp Dawn Dish Soap
  • 1 Segment of Steel Wool (cut down the fold line)


Homemade "s.o.s" Soapy Pads

First cut your steel wool at the fold line

Then put the steel wool into a bowl and pour the  dawn dish soap over the piece you just cut away from the rest.

After you have completely drenched the steel wool with the dish soap take the baking soda and sprinkle 1/2 of it on one side of the drenched wool.

Now flip the steel wool over and sprinkle the remainder of the baking soda on the other side.

Homemade "s.o.s" Soapy Pads

Use your fingers to help press the baking soda into the wool pad.

Fold the pad up so that you have folded it 3 times (just like you would fold a towel)

Homemade "s.o.s" Soapy Pads

Push the pad together to flatten it, but not to squeeze out all the soap.Homemade "s.o.s" Soapy Pads

Now place the pad onto the plastic rack in your dehydrator and dehydrate for a few hours, overnight or until dry completely through.

I attempted to slowly dry them in the oven at first, this was not working as they started to rust and the soap started to bubble. This is why you see rust stains and why I chose to use a dehydrator. If your oven has a setting lower then 200*F you may be able to use the oven. Please respond back with any easier methods. I know not everyone has a dehydrator and I would like to hear how you did yours. Homemade "s.o.s" Soapy Pads

Cut the pads in 1/2 (optional) and store until you need them.

I really liked my new home made soapy pads. I will be making them myself from now on.

The baking soda helps work with the steel wool by acting like a buffer. I added it to the recipe to  help absorb and cling onto the dish soap and for aiding in drying the pads faster. 

*Tip: Store  a used pad on tin foil to prevent it from rusting or place it in a zip lock bag in the freezer between uses.