There are several ways to make homemade laundry soap. Plus there are SEVERAL people who post about it as well.  3 years ago when I started the hunt for my home made laundry soap it was far less common. It is becoming a VERY popular thing, so that must mean…. IT is GREAT! Well of course it is, or i would not be typing about it.

homemade-laundry-soap-2There are powdered options as well as a liquid versions.

The liquid version provides way more soap for your buck” and works just as well as the powdered version. The liquid version requires more storage space and more time to prepare. However, no mater how you prepare the laundry soap it is beneficial as well as easy to make.

Read the very bottom for additional things you can add to your soap to make it more “personal” to your desires.

Homemade Laundry Soap – Liquid


1 bar Fels Naptha – Grated – ( You may also use any other types of bar soap you prefer. Avoid soaps with lots of lotions unless you do not get a lot of stains on your cloths- Ivory, Glycerin Soap, etc….)

6-8 Cups hot water

1/2 – 2 Cups Borax (20 mule team) – (found in the laundry aisle)

1 – 2 Cups Super Washing Soda (not Baking Soda) – (found in the laundry aisle)

1 Empty liquid soap container ( or milk jug)

5 Gallon Pail OR 2  5 Gallon pails OR 5   1 Gallon jugs (depending on your storage limit)

OPTIONAL- 1 Cup Nature Bright (Shaklee) this is what i put in mine but it is OPTIONAL. I have made it several times with out this and the soap still works wonderful all the same. I just feel like I am doing something great for my cloths by adding it. (You may also use Oxy Clean)


Add grated Soap to a pot with the Hot water. Heat over Medium heat (may need to adjust for your stove – DO NOT BOIL). continue to heat until the Fels Naptha is completely dissolved.


Fill the 5 gallon pail 1/2 full with hot water.

Add Borax and Super Washing Soda to the hot water in pail or stove top with soap and slowly stir until it is dissolved and blended.

Add the melted soap to the pail with the hot water and stir.

Fill the pail the remainder of the way with hot water (to ensure all ingredients dissolve completely)

**Now if you choose to use 2 of the 5 gallon pails this is the time to divide it and have 1/2 the mix in each 5 gallon pails (only do this AFTER the initial mixing in the first pail). Now fill both 5 gallon pails the rest of the way with water.

Cover and store over night to cool.

homemade-laundry-soap-6If you did just 1 of the 5 gallon pails it will be normal for it to gel back up over night. Mix it up with a spoon and your hand until it liquefies back up to a chunky  yet more liquid version. Grab your soap container and fill it 1/2 ways with the laundry soap. Fill the container the rest of the way with water. Shake!

If you used 2 of the 5 gallon pails, just put the mixture straight into your container. It is already diluted the last time and you are ready to start using it.

Top Load Washer: 5/8 – 1 cup per load

Front Load washer: 1-4 – 3/4 cup per load

**This soap is a low-no suds soap so it is safe for all machines. It is even great for sensitive skin (our 2 year old has Massive issues with fragrances and soap and she can even handle this one). Fels naptha has also been used as a poison oak treatment for years since it is one of the few soaps that can remove the oils from the infected areas.

Homemade Laundry Soap – Powdered


1 Bar Fals Naptha (grated) – (you may also use other bar soaps of your choice) This recipe I used Cucumber/Melon glycerin Soap

1/2 – 2 cups Borax (20 mule team)

1 – 2 Cups Super washing Soda

1/2 Cup Nature Bright (Shaklee) – this is what i put in mine but it is OPTIONAL – (You can also use Oxy Clean)

Mix all the ingredients together and store in an air tight container.

To blend easy I use a blender and place all the grated soap and dry ingredients in the blender and give it a few whirls. This also breaks the fels naptha up a little better and mixes it evenly. (You do not have to do this step)


1 -2 TBSP per load HE or Regular machine. 

What is nice; It is natural so if you have extremely soiled cloths, use another scoop!

The powdered will not last as long as the liquid but if you live in a small place or an apartment this is the easiest sometimes because it requires much less storage space and is lighter to lug up and down the stairs. I also make a double and sometimes triple batch of this so I do not have to mix it as often.

Average cost is usually less then $.14/load

****Other things you can add to your soaps:  (all liquid add-ins should to be added at the beginning stage when you are adding the dry ingredients to the pail with hot water)

homemade-laundry-soap-151 -2 Scoops Downy Unstoppables (add to liquid when you add the borax and washing soda) Just mix in with powdered


homemade-laundry-soap-161 – 2 Scoops Pyrex Crystals



homemade-laundry-soap-91 – 2 Cups Vinegar (liquid version only) add at the same time dry ingredients



homemade-laundry-soap-171 – 2 Cups Oxy Clean (Powdered or Liquid mixture) add with dry ingredients with both recipes.



homemade-laundry-soap-103-4 TBSP Fabric Softener (may need to adjust depending on your needs) – Liquid version only



homemade-laundry-soap-201/4 Cup Dawn Dish soap (liquid version only)



homemade-laundry-soap-21Natural Stain Removers ( such as Shaklee’s Nature Bright)



homemade-laundry-soap-1210-15 Drops essential oil PER Gallon of Soap after it cools



homemade-laundry-soap-131 – 2 Cups Baking Soda