Another favorite of mine that I have been doing for a few years.

I guess it came to me one day when I was tired of paying full price for my expensive salon leave-in conditioner. I just decided to try it one day and it worked. Then a few months later I found the same recipe online. I would call that fate.

Now I also add my expensive leave in straightening serum to the mix so I can spray the mix right into my hair right after the shower and then in the morning I can straighten my hair right away. I love simple, affordable solutions.

Homemade De-tangle Leave-in Conditioner Spray

Those who know me very well, can see for themselves how awesome this works. My hair is shinny and smooth when I straighten it. I will never use concentrated products on my hair again. 

This is my mix after water is added. I have used about 1/2 of it so that is why it is only 1/2 full. I just use one of those travel size spray bottles from WalMart. I also use this with my 2 year old when she get’s terrible knots in her hair, but you can use any type of wash-out conditioner in this recipe. I just use this so I can straighten my hair right away in the AM.

You can also order small empty bottles here.



Spray Bottle

Hair conditioner (any wash out conditioner works)



Fill spray bottle 2/3 – 3/4 way full with water and then add conditioner to fill the bottle.

Shake the bottle before each use.

**You can also add your straightening serums to the mix. I usually just squirt some into the bottle but my guessed measurement would be about 1-2 tsp of serum in the bottle.

Feel free to add more or less as you want. That’s the beauty of Homemade, you can tweak them to fit your needs.  

This is also great if your child is allergic to products. You can make them a separate container using their conditioner and have less worries about reactions.