We have issues with finding the right body wash to fit our skin care needs in our family.

Growing up the only soap I could use was the Dove Sensitive Skin, Fragrance Free. I loved it but eventually I outgrew it.

My husband on the other hand needs moisturizing body wash that actually “Moisturizes”.

I came across this recipe from Jillee for Homemade Body Wash.

We are all now very addicted in our house. I love that it is simple to make and a batch lasts us a few months so I do not need to be making it every week and the fact that it smells like our favorite essential oils.

Ingredients for Homemade Body Wash:

Mix the ingredients together and heat over medium heat, on the stove, until all the soap is melted and blended well with the water.

Remove from heat and let cool. This is important when adding essential oils. If you are not adding essential oils you can skip the cool step and add it straight to a mason jar. This will be a little runny until it cools. Cooling is when the body wash gets thicker and more of a body wash consistency.

Add Essential oils to your desire.

Homemade Body Wash

Fill a body wash container of your choice and place it in your shower. This is one of my bottles, it is a little smaller so if you have a larger bottle you may not need the mason jar.

Homemade Body Wash

Place the remainder in a Mason Jar and store until needed. As you can see we are almost out so I will be needing to make another batch in the next few weeks.

Homemade Body Wash

That is how simple it is. It comes out the same constancy as store bought body wash and with the essential oils added you get added benefits.

*If you want it more runny, Add more water.

*If you want it thicker, Add less water.

I made two batches:

Batch #1 I added Gentle Baby essential oil from Young Living since the kids and I use it the most. Plus it aids in calming down our two year old before bedtime. I also used 2 Bars Unscented Dove, Sensitive skin and 1 Bar Cetaphil for this batch.

Batch #2 I added Valor essential oil for my husband. He loves this oil and I love the smell on him as well. I also used The Manly Dove bar soap for his batch.

*I have tried to do this with Glycerin Soap and it does not turn out. You will need to experiment with different soaps to see how much water, or how much soap is needed to get the consistency you want, if you would like to use something other than Dove.