Homemade Baby Wipes


Homemade Wipes and Container

Mix ingredients in warm distilled water except for the paper towels.

Pour the mix into a bowl and add the paper towel (standing on the flat end)

Allow paper towel to absorb the mixture and cool

Homemade Wipes and Container

Add to a container that seals and pull the cardboard center out. Grab the end of the paper towel from inside the middle hole where you removed the cardboard. This is how you can start your wipes.

*Coconut oil, Tea Tree oil, and Thieves oil all work together to kill bacteria, mold, mildew and help preserve your baby wipes so they do not mold.

My extremely sensitive 2 year old is able to handle these wipes.

You can also let it sit open for a little bit if your wipes are too wet or add a tiny bit more water if you want your wipes a little wetter.

* I also add Defining Gel and the Cleanser Gel from It Works to my recipe. I actually use the cleanser gel in place of the baby body wash. I find the cleanser gel to be much more beneficial for the sensitive skin in our family, and since both products are made from NATURAL INGREDIENTS it makes more sense to use these in the recipe. You can see both products below. Both products also aid in healing the skin and soothing skin irritations. I would go into more detail but the list would be a mile long. Please call me for more information regaurding either one of these products by going to my website here: LaCota Overton


Homemade Wipes and Container

Homemade Wipes Container


I could never find the perfect container to hold a full 1/2 roll of bounty paper towels once they were made into wipes.

My husband came up with a  wonderful idea to use the top of my baby wipes container we had on hand and glue it to the top of the Folgers coffee container.

YAY!! It worked really well.


  • 1  33.9 oz (2lb 1.9 oz) container from Folgers                        
  • Hot Glue Gun (with Glue)
  • Scissors    
  • Marker
  • Old diaper wipes container with a pop-top- type lid

Homemade Wipes Container
First tear the top off the wipes container and place it on top of the Folgers lid.

Open the pop-top and trace the inner hole for accurate cutting.

Remove the pop-top lid and cut a hole into the lid of the Folgers can using the scissors.

Homemade Wipes Container

Now, glue the pop-top lid onto the Folgers can.

Let it cool and then trim off excess glue that squeezed out while applying the pop top lid.

Homemade Wipes Container

Put the Folgers lid back onto the container and pull your wipes through.

That’s all you have to do to make a simple pop-top wipe dispenser.