I fell in love years ago with Vinegar and Borax to help remove stains and pet odors from accident spots.

I had a lot of success with this mixture for several years and then it hit; we brought home a kitty that was very naughty.

Fizzion - The Best Pet Urine Stain and Odor Remover

We shampooed week after week with the vinegar and borax mixture but we could not get the peeing to stop and we could not get the odor to go away; no matter how hard we tried.

We love to watch the show, “My Cat From Hell” and Jackson Galaxy always recommends Fizzion for “No No” spots. So we decided to give it a shot. What did we have to lose right? After all, if it didn’t work the cat would have to leave.

I read every review I could find and honestly if it was not for Jackson giving Fizzion props on TV, I would have been less likely to try it, even with the awesome reviews. One review had stated that if you cleaned the areas in the past, it is best to run a carpet cleaner over the spot several times with just hot water to remove any build up of soaps, or cleaning agents. This way the Fizzion can work at its best.

So one weekend after I ordered a few gallons worth of the Fizzion we went over our carpets with our personally owned Rug Doctor and made sure all the previous vinegar and borax was removed.

I was as happy as ever when my shipment of Fizzion showed up in the mail. Immediately, I mixed up some and started tackling the spots. Now since we had SEVERAL spots this took me quit some time. After a week of spot treating and seeing some improvement I knew it was going to take aggressive action to see full results.

So I mixed up a few gallons of the Fizzion and put it right into the Rug Doctor so I could cover the whole area at one time instead of treating spot after spot.

BINGO!!! It worked.

The cat is NO longer peeing in the house and the best part… NO MORE SMELL!!!!

Thank you Fizzion for making such an amazing product.

I recently ordered another couple gallons worth so I can use it on the mattresses when my kids get sick or for my toddler who is potty training. It is now a product I will never live with out.