I have been a huge fan of Fels-Naptha for many years now.

However I hate using the straight Fels-Naptha bar to remove stains. A few years ago I went on a hunt to try and figure out how to liquefy this bar into something I could spray out of the bottle. However, I was very unsuccessful until recently.

Fels Naptha

I have finally figured out how to get Fels-Naptha into a spray bottle for easier stain removal. So i felt this was a must share first, since this recipe will be used in several other posts.







 “Gelled” Fels-Naptha

1 Bar Fels-Naptha (grated)

4-8 cups warm water. (I prefer 4-5 cups water for a harder gel)

1 stove pot

Grate the fels naptha and put into water on the stove over Med heat.


You want to melt the Fels-Naptha, not boil.


This is what happens if you boil it!!!

Continue to melt it until the Fels-Naptha is completely dissolved.


It could take a while so feel free to do other things and come back and stir it occasionally.


Once completely dissolved put into a sturdy storage container and let cool with the lid off. If you need to you can put it into multiple containers. That is completely your choice. I use jars or sometimes I use old butter containers. Be creative. I have found butter containers work easier since I can get into it easier.

Fels-NapthaOnce cool, store in safe place so you can use with the laundry. The Fels-Naptha will sort-of harden back up to a stiff type “gel”. This is ok for several reasons:

1: We will only be using tsp. and Tbls. for recipes so you want it as a semi solid to store easier.

2: You can use a scrub brush and scoop some out to scrub into stains. (I use a tooth brush)



Now to liquefy the Fels-Naptha

2-3 tsp Fels-Naptha Gel (UPDATE: I now use 8 tsp.. As I experiment I will keep updating)

1-2 cups hot water

spray bottle

cool water

Add 1-2 tsp fels naptha gel (from mixture we made above after it cools) to a bowl. Then add about 1-2 cups hot water. Dissolve all the way and add to the spray bottle. Add cool water to fill the bottle. That’s how easy it is.

If it does not spray and the mix is not liquid enough, use a larger spray bottle or less Fels-Naptha for your bottle. My bottle holds 36oz. Fels-Naptha will continue to gel up until it is finally diluted enough. You want it to be very diluted which is why we make it into a gel first and then add a small amount to a spray bottle mixture.

I also add other things to my liquid stain remover so until I post that recipe you can also add 2-3 Tbls. laundry soap, 1 tsp Dish soap, and 2 Tbsp. Oxy Clean to the hot water and mix with the fels naptha before adding to the bottle to ensure everything dissolves Once added to the bottle fill the bottle the rest of the way with cool water (to prevent pressure) and gently shake before each use.

Add any ingredients you want. Just be careful so you do not create a chemistry lab in your house. You will want to avoid things like Bleach.

Spray onto your stains before you put your cloths into the wash and watch the magic happen.

* *A faster way to grate the Fels-Naptha: Put into a plastic bag. Cover the bag with a towel and hit with a hammer on a hard surface until in tiny pieces. Or you can also use a food processor.