Here is another great household cleaner that not only cleans, but it sanitizes as well.


  • 1 tsp. Borax
  • 1 tsp. Washing soda
  • ½ Cup White Distilled Vinegar(or peroxide)
  • 2 Cups Hot water
  • 25-30 Drops Essential Oil (I use Thieves)
  • 24 oz. Spray Bottle

Mix Borax, Washing Soda and Vinegar in a bowl. Slowly add water & stir. Allow mix to cool and add essential oil(s). Pour into the Spray bottle and use in place of Lysol Sprays.


*Vinegar Naturally kills: Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus, Mold, Mildew (the company does not label this on the bottle because they do not want to certify our “Food” as a Cleaning chemical”

Thieves Kills: Bacteria, Fungus, Mold, Mildew, Viruses and is know for its potency. This blend is Biblicaly known for being used by the “thieves” during the black plague to prevent catching the nasty disease. It worked!

Borax: Cleans, Deoderizes,n sanitizes and helps fibers release dirt. It also puts a protective shield onto the fibers making it difficult for dirt to cling the next time. 

Super washing Soda: This has been used for generations to help clean in the laundry and outside the laundry.