Today was our craft day and we got together with 4 other local homeschool families to make crafts for our Christmas Caroling we will be doing this weekend. The kids had a ton of fun and there was a total of 17 children involved, making for a wonderful day.shoe1

As you can see by their goofy smiles, it was well worth every second.

Craft Day ~ The Homeschool Social Way ~

So many people ask me if my kids are socialized.

Yes, of course they are. Socialization is not something you get when only placed inside a classroom. Some kids who are homeschooled may be a little less social than others, I do believe you see the same situation in regular schools; society calls them, “”Shy”. Turn the tables to a shy homeschool child and you have; “Anti-social”

My children have to be reminded daily that school work is more important than playing with friends. It is actually a daily struggle for our family. My kids are either trying to rush through their work to go and play, or they are constantly talking about playing after school work is complete.

I always love these gatherings with my friends who also homeschool, because I think I am the one who needs more socialization, not the kids. The kids benefit as well, obviously, but they are so willing to meet new friends and play on a constant basis that I never have to worry about their social skills. Me on the other hand; I am home all day with the kids, and I never get to see another adult until my husband returns home from work.

Today’s craft day was such a nice retreat for my adult mental status and even more so for the kids because school work was play today.