This one smells great as you are showering. The citrus smell will help you awaken and become more alert. I love the double benefits of home made solutions.


To top all of the wonderful aroma the citrus will also:



(killing bacterial is one of the many benefits of citrus)

Remove Soap Scum

Remove water spots


½ Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit or Orange (lemon works best)

Small Bowl with Kosher or Sea Salt


While showering take the ½ of your citrus fruit and dip the cut end into salt.

Rub all over the doors.

Finish showering and then rinse off the doors.

When you are finished showering and rinsing the doors, take the 2nd half of citrus and rub it all over the doors. This will help prevent soap scum build up. You can also use Lemon essential oil after the door is clean.

*We do not have glass shower doors, but everyone who I have asked to try this says it works :)