My fridge has looked like this in the past, but this Fridge belongs to –  “Kentucky Gentlewoman”

Do you hate cleaning out your fridge?

Do spills make you cringe?

I have been using a spill proof cleaning technique that is very cost effective and is generally safe for all foods. (you may need to contact your local printer and ask about the inks)







Yup, just simple newspaper can solve a ton of messy issues in the fridge.

fri3I simply cover the shelves and draws of my fridge with a few layers of newspaper and then I am done.



fri4When the fridge gets dirty or something spills all I do is remove the newspaper and add a new layer. (I do about 3-4 layers on each shelf- or 2 sections kept with the fold – as seen above) If something saturates the paper it is still faster to clean up then if it would have ran all over the entire fridge. Once in a while I need to wipe down the extra liquid in the saturated location, but generally it never gets that bad.


This is my fruit drawer. I also have one of those plastic racks that help keep the fruit off the bottom of the drawer so if one gets squished and juice gets out, it drains to the bottom and gets absorbed by the newspaper instead of creating a moldy, sticky mess on the other fruit. I am not sure where it came from or what it is called because it was here when we moved in. If you know I would love to see if I could get more. Any advice would be great.


  • This will also help prevent scratching or possibly even fracturing your glass shelves. 
  • It also helps to absorb some moisture keeping your fridge a little on the dryer side so foods may not mold as quickly.
  • Plus it recycles the papers one more time before they go off to the recycling plant.  
  • After you are done with them in the fridge you can put them into the mulch (if you mulch your newspapers)

Some newspapers are not made of the newer soy-ink, however, unless you plan on placing your food directly onto the newspaper you should be fine (ours is soy-ink). I place things like Onions, tomatoes, apples, watermelon etc.. right onto the paper with no issues. However I would not place something like a steak directly onto the newspaper.

A lot of newspaper companies have come a long way and now use safer, more natural inks so it is safe to be used as bedding or even in case toddlers nibble on the sports section as daddy reads it. I do not encourage letting your children chew on paper, but this is my way of saying that for the fridge you should be more then safe. 

If you are unsure, call your local newspaper company (or the paper company you get your paper through) and ask them what type of ink they use for printing and if it is safer then traditional toxic inks.  


Ok, now go tackle that fridge one last time and put newspapers down to keep the messes away for future cleanings.

*UPDATE: Make sure you do not cover any of the holes, or air ways including behind the shelves. You want to make sure the air can still move around in the fridge, otherwise your fridge will not properly stay cooled and can cause mold issues and rotten food.