The freezer is sometimes dreaded far more than the fridge when it comes to cleaning.

I am the worst at defrosting and am thrilled that I almost never have to do it.

However, defrosting is not the only issue that comes with the freezer. Cleaning the freezer usually ends up in a large mess where my rag ends up getting stuck to the freezer more then it actually cleans.

Clean Your Freezer In 10 Minutes or Less

My mother-in-law un-knowingly taught me this trick years ago. I had opened her freezer one day to reach something out for her, and I saw tin foil laying on the bottom under all the food???

Well, I decided to give this a try one day, and I am thrilled that I did. 

Clean Your Freezer In 10 Minutes or Less
Here was my freezer after I removed the tin foil…. See, not very messy. There is one spot where something leaked under the foil, but in general, the mess stayed on the foil and was thrown away.

Clean Your Freezer In 10 Minutes or Less

 Here is all you need besides a hot, wet rag and new tinfoil: A paint scrapper!

I simply use this to chisel any ice or frozen gunk from my freezer, and then I take the hot rag an wipe it down. Keep your rag hot so that it does not freeze to the inside of the freezer. 

If you have some markings that are stubborn, just use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Clean Your Freezer In 10 Minutes or LessClean Your Freezer In 10 Minutes or Less

Woola! Done, that’s all it takes. The total time on this project from start to finish was only 3 minutes to clean and about 2 minutes to reload the freezer once I was finished.

What you need: