We always hear about the possibility that fires can occur because of lint in the dryer. Did you also know you can cut your dry time down by cleaning the actual trap?

Once you clean the trap, air is capable of passing through it more efficiently. Thus, drying the clothes faster and reducing your risk for fires.

Here is my lint trap before:

Avoid Fires, Clean the Lint Trap

YUCK! There is something sticky stuck to it creating a fuzzy, hair issue in one spot.

Here is what you need to clean your lint trap. 

Dawn dish soap or any Dish Soap

Scrubbing Brush or Sponge

Warm Water

Take your lint trap out and clean away any debris.

Then run warm water over the filter trap to make it wet.

Add your Dish Soap and scrub with your hands or scrub brush (be careful not to tear the screen)

Avoid Fires, Clean the Lint Trap

Here is what my lint trap looks like after it is completely cleaned and dry.

Avoid Fires, Clean the Lint Trap

Now we are less likely for fires and the clothes will dry faster.

Do this every month for best results.