Besides my natural cleaners, essential oils and natural health foods, there is 2 products we have had in our cupboards for 5 years now that I refuse to live with out.

Oxy-Drops-113x300 OxyDrops


Tincture1Tincture of Black Leaf. 


Ok, what are OxyDrops and Tincture of Black Leaf?

Well let me enplane a little on how it has been amazing in our home.

Before we were introductory to essential oils I had been on a search for a natural anti-bacterial, yeast killing solution for a dog we were watching that I had come to believe had a severe case of external candida.

Well to keep what could be an extremely long story short I stumbled upon a website called

I spent a lot of time researching this company and many painful hours researching Candida in canines. After reading several testimonials (which was way shorter 5 years ago) I decided to give this company a try. Why not, it will either work or I will move onto to finding yet another fix for this dog.

I proceeded with ordering the Granules, Tincture of Black Leaf and OxyDrops.

I was SHOCKED at how well all of this worked for him. I bathed him in the solution, wiped him down in-between baths with the solutions and put it into his water as well. I sprinkled the granules into his food, and I could give a large rave about how I love the granules as well but this post is about the OxyDrops and Tincture of Black Leaf.

Just a few days later I noticed he was no longer oily and smelly. With in a few short weeks his hair was growing back and he had energy again. Dexter (the he so far in the story) was no longer scratching uncontrollably everywhere and his ears we no longer reeking of a nasty yeast infection.

After about 1 month you could no longer tell he ever had any form of a condition. YAY!!!

Over the last 5 years my husband and I have had several opportunities to put the OxyDrops and Tincture of Black leaf to the test. Pets with wounds, lacerations,  infections, unknown skin issues, digestive issues etc… My list is really a mile long for just the pets. It gets even better though…. You can use these 2 products on people including children and you can use it both topically and internally on both humans and pets. OxyDrops can also be put into your humidifiers so you breath them in during cold seasons. So the list for humans is just as long too: Yeast infections, pink eye, general infections, colds, flu’s, unknown rashes, ring worm, sore throats, etc….

How does this magical OxyDrop solutions work… I have no clue. But it is safe, strongly effective and kills bacteria, viruses, fungus and balances out your bodies PH levels plus many other benefits. oxy-for-pets-113x300

The tincture of Black leaf is also a mystery but has been known to help circulation, kill parasites internally and externally (plus MUCH more, and in my opinion both these products are miracles in containers).

Both the Tincture of Black Leaf and OxyDrops are not aloud to run out in my home.

Please read more testimonials on their personal site. Don’t let me be the only story you hear about.tincture-human1-107x300

refill-97x300Oh and I forgot to mention, the products are worth the price. I order 1x every year – sometimes 1.5-2 years. It takes us that long to use it up. We buy the refill size bottles and only use it when it is needed instead of daily. You will need to see what works for your family but I can tell you this much…  Swine flu had no chance in our home a few years ago and my kids are NEVER sick and should the rare occasion happen and they do end up sick… OxyDrops and Tincture kick it out of their system with in just a few hours… No KIDDING!